I struggled with my “About Me” page for weeks. I read other people’s blogs, sought tips from marketers, and searched advice from experts. All of them stated that I should “be myself” and tell people what I have to offer them. However, none of these tips sat well with me because they all seemed to imply that a person is all one thing and ignored the fact that people are different in various circumstances.

So instead, I present to you The Three Faces of Eve(line):


IMG_4675This part of me delights in the comical and is guided by Sir Francis Bacon: “Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.” And also Friends: “Hey, it’s Funny’s Cousin, Not Funny!” Joy and laughter are the key ingredients to keeping me sane, level-headed, and grounded in reality, especially when other areas of my life seem to place overwhelming demands on me. In short, my main goal each day is to find something that makes me laugh.

A little more:

  • I enjoy watching Friends, and many might say I watch it too much, but my secret funny-bone is bathroom humor. I can’t help it—it’s ridiculous.
  • I eat chips and salsa, chicken and spinach enchiladas, and guacamole at least twice a week but refuse to eat salad dressing because it has too many calories.


My professional side that is both scholar and activist. I enjoy learning and I create opportunities to widen my scope of knowledge. My scholarly pursuits have led me to a PhD in English Literature, but my professional pursuits find me advocating on the part of teachers and students. I am passionate about education—my own and others’—and work to make a quality education and postsecondary readiness a reality for every student.

A little more:

  • I was a Political Science major, studied Constitutional Law, and worked as a legal assistant for an attorney in undergrad.
  • I hope one day to use my knowledge of politics and education policy and law to effect real change in education at a level that will make a difference for our nation’s students and our communities.


A mix of the personal and the professional, this part of me is the teacher, mentor, coach, IMG_2959counselor, cheerleader, devil’s advocate, nurse, motivator, entertainer, reader, writer, and all of the many other roles teachers have in the classroom today. Every day I look forward to teaching students, mentoring pre-service and new teachers, coaching (and being coached by) veteran teachers, and consulting with my colleagues in best practices and new approaches. While I don’t particularly enjoy the 7:10 am school bell—or the 3:30 am alarm clock bell, for that matter—I wouldn’t want any job that takes me out of the classroom.

A little more:

  • I tell my students to read in the bathroom: it’s the best place to learn because it has the fewest distractions, it’s an unspoken agreement that people won’t bother you while you’re in there, and is boring enough to need something else to do.
  • It’s how I got through my Master’s and PhD with a husband, two kids, and a career.


Essentially, I am me. And while this page ignores the experts and doesn’t really provide one focus or person with which you might identify, I hope you can find a bit of yourself in the prism of my Selfhood.