I’ve lived a life of utter gluttony and hedonism this past week. I’ve eaten just about everything in sight–you know, as long as it had high fat and sugar content. I’ve napped every day, a couple of times twice a day. I didn’t go Black Friday shopping with my sister and nieces, opting instead to stay home in my pajamas while my husband headed to the deer lease for his boy’s weekend. I’ve read four books, none of which I intend to teach at all. I’ve stayed up late watching recently released movies (including a few Pixar movies because we all know those movies aren’t actually for children anyway).

Ahhh. Thanksgiving break.

I am now, however, confronted with an impending reality: break is over Monday. I’ll have 35 students sitting in desks bright and early Monday morning. I have three separate courses for which I must prepare lessons, create final exams, complete units and projects, and finalize semester averages for 152 students before the blessed release for the holidays. That’s just my instructional duties. I have teacher observations to do, reflection conferences to hold, morning bus duty to do, and state retesting to contend with.

And those students and teachers will be as excited and rested and enthusiastic to be back as I feel. I know the first question out of my kids’ mouths will be “what are we doing today?” Of course followed very closely by “can we watch a movie?”

You know you’ve heard it–probably by this point you have even contemplated the merits of such a suggestion (come on, admit it: you’ve already thought that Ice Age: Collision Course and Finding Dory would make a nice addition to your interdisciplinary study on sustainability and environmental issues, but only if you first introduce them with Ice Age and Finding Nemo, all of which, incidentally, will carry you beautifully through to final exams….)

Nevertheless, we will soldier on, find the strength and energy to flash our brightest smiles, introduce our final units of the semester with enthusiasm, and (pretend to) question our students’ lack of energy and motivation after 9 WHOLE DAYS OF REST!

I’m starting to practice now, but one thing is certain–I do actually miss those guys and look forward to learning (and laughing) with them again. They are, after all, the reason I keep coming back.

Happy belated Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Holiday Season in whatever way you celebrate!