stress relaxFor teachers, November can be a busy, difficult time. All our projects are finally launched, everyone is buried under 3 feet of paperwork, showers appear to be optional on weekends, and no one wants to make eye contact with administration because we all know that means we will be asked to do something else. It seems the only way to maintain sanity is to find the humor in what often seems humorless.

So, for all my colleagues, friends, family, and all the educators in the world, here’s to salvaging your sanity–

12 ways you know you need winter break:

12. You know there are exactly 112 days of school left.

11. Living in the mountains with no cell reception or internet begins to sound like a solid early retirement plan.

10. You stare at your living room wall for 20 minutes and your only thought is, “When did we paint it that color?!?”

9. You make a to do list while you are in the bathroom but must return to the bathroom to remember what you were supposed to do.

8. You quit eating meat because it takes too much energy to chew.

7. You stop wearing your glasses to score essays because you really don’t want to know what they say.

6. Cereal becomes a viable dinner option.

5. You consider eating the coffee grounds straight from the canister instead of waiting for it to brew.

4. Your definition of oversleeping is waking up at 4am instead of 3:15am when your alarm goes off.

3. When you are asked what you want for Christmas, your first response is “pneumonia.”

2. You tell a relative it’s too soon to make Thanksgiving plans before realizing it’s less than a week away.

1. While making your lunch for work in the morning, you grab 2 beers instead of the 2 waters you always take… and almost don’t realize the difference.


Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings for you and yours!